Welcome at the Principality of Sealand.

On this former sea fortress 6 miles off the british coast, at the souvereign Principality of Sealand, we have started the Sealand Multiversity to become a "global maritime open-source makerspace".
> Have a look at our concept, which will be completed as soon as possible.
The oceans represent the biggest dangers, mysteries, wonders and chances for mankind. It´s time to unite our collective creativity and coordinate our social capital to face the global challenges and shape our common future on earth.

At the Online-Campus of Sealand Multiversity, we collect and discuss open-source knowledge and wisdom. We coordinate joint actions and share our skills, experiences and social or technological innovations.
The next steps are (in case you want to participate):
> Ongoing collection of open maritime knowledge, best practise projects and manuals - the archives
> Glocal DIY+cc workshop at Jellyweek 2014 in January (details coming asap)
> With the quests, we call for action. Let´s focus our collective skills, efforts and creativity to solve specific real-life challenges. Do you want to help on one of these humanistic tasks?

For hands-on action, join the Offshore-Campus and it´s workshops and other happenings. They take place at Sealand or decentralised around the globe.
Or share your own project with likeminded cocreators at the Sealand Multiversity

> Our actual project is the collaborative "asap-island" project. Since 2012 we build a floating island out of recycled and renewable materials within an international team in Goa/India. Check the upcoming workshops and glocal action.