Sealand & the Multiversity:

Built as a sea fortress to defend England against German air raids in world war II, "Rough Towers" was abandonned after the war. In 1966, Roy Bates took over the lonely structure and declared it a souvereign territory, as it stood in international waters.
The Principalty of Sealand, now under the reign of Prince Michael of Sealand still holds its souvereignity and is best known micronation world wide.

The Principalty of Sealand
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SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas
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In September 2011, german streetartist Joy agreed with Prince Michael to establish an open-source community on the symbolic platform, featuring the cocreation of searelated open-hardware: The "SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas" was born.

from left to right:
James of Sealand, Prince Michael of Sealand, Joy Lohmann. Dr. Claudia Villiger in Southend on Sea, 2011

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Asap-island ...when a vision meets a symbol

Concerned by the rising of seawater level, the personal fate and global impact of millions of refugees, we are on the way to build artificial islands for the regions in urgent need. asap-island is a testground for such constructions and applied technical solutions; an "Integrated Art" project of an interdisciplinary and international team; a symbol for the needed transformation of our economy and social systems, of our way of thinking and acting: Our new, sustainable and fair lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Since 1997, Joy and the NGO "Positive Nett-Works" followed this vision, working on floating sculptures, gardens, islands, to develop the basic concepts and construction techniques within different projects, teams, contexts.
To share these experiences and to finally realize asap-island within a global community, the Multiversity was founded. As a symbol and platform for the cocreation of a sharing/caring community, the Multiversity will spread the message, form an interdisciplinary think- and do-tank, develop open-solutions and feature other like-minded efforts.

History of asap-island
2000 future-raft at EXPO2000
2002 Tour21 (Hanover-Berlin)
2005 future fleet
2007 "Hermes I", mobile multiraft
2009 future-islands, floating gardens
2011 SpreeTour, Berlin
2011 i-land Berlin
2012 asap-island 1.0 construction: i-land Goa
2012 Start of Sealand Multiversity
2012 1st simultaneous glocal i-land workshop
2013 asap-island 2.0 construction: riverboat SALY
2014 asap-island 3.0 construction: FLOAT-DOMES
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