The archives of the Sealand Multiversity...

...are spread around the globe. We love the emerging open culture, providing useful information, tools and manuals for communication and collaborative cocreation of our sharing/caring community :-)

Thematic knowledge:
selected e-learning opportunities for free:
> Khan Academy
> i-tunes university
> Open University
> 750 free online-courses from top universities

DIY hands-on skills:
best DIY-websites with downloadable manuals for everything:
> MakeProjects, MakeZine
> instructables
> dreamups

Personal growth:
It´s up to you, if you want to live a meaningful life. Maybe it helps you to improve it, sneaking into these sites:
> GoodlifeZen
> Personal Excellence
> education: the Rite Journey

Learn changemaking from changemakers:
We cooperate with
The Berlin-based Online-Mag provides the loads of positive news, documentations about gorgeous best practice projects and portraits of real changemakers.
Additionally, YL provides high-level compilations on global issues and a huge load of educational material for immediate use in schools worldwide.

Have a look at Youth Leader´s
> positive news
> inspiring people
education tools

Positive News:
There are more and more sources to get positive news. Check these out:
> Positive News (Great Britain)
> Positive News (U.S.A.)
> Good News Network (U.S.A.)
> Noticias positivas (Argentina)
> Gute Nachrichten (Germany)
> Planet positive (France)

Befriended Communities:

The Living Bridges Planet is a global facilitator network inspired by strength-based and social capital approaches to enable change. You find us on wordpress and facebook.

Our very own archive and tools:
For the internal development of the Sealand Multiversity and the decentral project asap-island, we use these tools and cooperate with relevant partners worldwide.

Future-scouting best practise projects, Crowd-sourcing useful data and Co-creating floating worlds:

The future-fleet visualizes (partly) likeminded maritime projects, adventures, knowledge hubs. This map is usergenerated and grows by interested future-scouts or the activists themselfs on a Crowdmap from Ushahidi.

For further future-scouting, we share this collection of useful maritime information together with the french Collective fossil and you on Pearltrees.

Welcome aboard! Initially started for the asap-island project, we now use this forum for all Sealand Multiversity issues as well.

Project documentations:
(Pics via flickr, Movies via YouTube, Media on wordpress):

2000 - future-raft, Hanover / Germany
> pics / slideshow / media
2002 - Tour21, Hanover>Berlin / Germany
> pics / movie / media
2009 - future-islands, Hanover /Germany
> pics / movie (9 min) / on TV / media
2011 - SpreeTour, Berlin / Germany
> pics / slideshow (8 min) / media
2012 - i-land Goa, South Goa / India
> pics / movie / media
2012 - "i-lands", Simultaneous glocal DIY+CC workshop
> pics / media
2012 - Sealand Multiversity, Principality of Sealand
> pics / movies: Multiversity strategy (2 min) / Trailer1: CiH-Projects / Trailer2: CiH-Culture / Trailer3: CiH-Positive News / Kickoff-Trailer (3 min)
2013 - islands of life (riverboat SALY), South Goa / India
> pics / movie (4 min.) / movie (24 min.) / media
2013 - greenheart island & mermaid race, Hanover / Germany
> pics / media

(Please let us know, if you want to share another good source for open knowledge, skills, wisdom or personal growth.)