Sealand construction camp:

As the Offshore Campus of the Multiversity is located on a more than 70 year old structure, there is a lot to do to only maintain its stability and safety.
Apart from that, we want to improve life conditions at Sealand through open workgroups and hands-on workshops on site.

Project objectives:
1. expansion of territory and space
> floating docks and platforms around the pillars
> architectural expansion on deck

2. transport, access
> insert a door above sealevel into one pillar
> safe jetty

3. improve life conditions
> permaculture greenhouse
> waste cycle management
> energy concept and production
> communication facilities

4. Multiversity requirements
> rooms for students and guests
> stage, studio, workshop, bureau, archives
> multimedia and broadcasting equipment

5. Outreach & Community
> developement of the Sealand community
> organization of the annual event
> artists in resicence programs
> publications & productions

(all weapons and staircase dismantled)

material about SEALAND:
> elevations
> location maps
> picture gallery

coming asap.

We´re planning to host an annual interdiciplinary workshop in summer at Sealand.

Have a look at our entries for the design challenge of architecture for humanity "(un)restricted access):

...decentralized camps

The SEALAND Multiversity also hosts decentralized camps on related subjects and cooperates with other open initiatives as the following:

asap-island, India Positive Nett-Works e.V. and ArtEscape Goa
Permacultural constructions Transition Town, Hannover/Germany
your related project please let us know about your work and objectives, if you want to share and connect.

Schedules and registration

If you want to participate in one of these challenges at Sealand or somewhere else, please send a mail and you´ll be included in the process.
> Let us know, what you´re intereted in.