Multiversity lectures / MetaCampus

We´re planning to host streamed workshops at Sealand, but it´s still a long way to go. In the meantime, we collect links to assorted providers of open knowledge and positive content:

thematic knowledge:
selected e-learning opportunities for free:
> Khan Academy
> i-tunes university
> Open University
> 750 free online-courses from top universities

DIY hands-on skills:
best DIY-websites with downloadable manuals for everything:
> MakeProjects, MakeZine
> instructables
> dreamups

personal growth:
It´s up to you, if you want to live a meaningful life. Maybe it helps you to improve it, sneaking into these sites:
> GoodlifeZen
> Personal Excellence
> education: the Rite Journey

Learn changemaking from changemakers:

We cooperate with
The Berlin-based Online-Mag provides the loads of positive news, documentations about gorgeous best practice projects and portraits of real changemakers.
Additionally, YL provides high-level compilations on global issues and a huge load of educational material for immediate use in schools worldwide.

Have a look at Youth Leader´s
> positive news
> inspiring people
education tools

Positive News:

There are more and more sources to get positive news. Check these out:
> Positive News (Great Britain)
> Positive News (U.S.A.)
> Good News Network (U.S.A.)
> Noticias positivas (Argentina)
> Gute Nachrichten (Germany)
> Planet positive (France)

(Please let us know, if you want to share another good source for open knowledge, skills, wisdom or personal growth.)