OPEN QUESTS of Sealand Multiversity:

> People love to cocreate, to solve epic challenges together, to be part of a dreamteam, to help others.
> Our societies and ways of life can be improved, must be revised in several fields. But not in a way that suits the old trusts and lobbies.
> The emerging Open Culture is a new superhero. Swarm intelligence plus all imaginable skills plus ethical values plus global omnipresence.
> Scientific research speeds up continuously and social networks spread around the world. With free global information, we can address many problems and develop adequate solutions.
> Solving quests within an intercultural, interdisciplinary team is big, sophisticated fun.

Quest#1: Solar-powered desalination systems
Do you know a suitable concept, product, manual? Please let us know or help to cocreate such an open hardware tool.

Quest#2: Floating construction materials out of recycled waste
The land and the oceans are full of waste, which could be used as basic construction material for floating islands. Let´s assemble knowledge, experience and partners to work on this issue.

Our ongoing Quest is to expand the Principality of Sealand.
Help this little country to grow bigger. We´ve collected the basic conditions at the Sealand construction camp.

possible partners, helpful tools, archives:
> OpenSourceEcology
> HardwareSummit
> instructables
> and many more...

Best practice example of an opensource project:
PROTEI - Modular Articulated Sailing Drone to clean Oil Spill
And their envisioned international ocean station:

4 proven steps to solve a QUEST:

1. Definition & Analysis
- Define the task and goals
- Setup a core team (invite experts as advisers/mentors)
- Research and analyse best practices
- Specify the task, divide in sections, mark milestones

2. Cocreate a masterplan
- Combine best practices with scientific knowledge, traditional wisdom and crazy ideas to an inspirational mess.
- Select two or three locations and design pilot projects (cooperate with existing local projects)
- Ask the experts. Ask locals, why it would fail.
- Rethink, improve and explain it to your mum.

3. Realize pilot projects
- Give them an identity (name, logo, meaningful goal)
- Calculate the materials, investments, labour time, risks
- Let people, media, companies, administration participate in the process; communicate the process online, interact
- Don´t hurry. Enjoy failures. Celebrate successes.
- Evaluate the project (establish long-term monitoring)
- Compare the processes of different projects
- Release a report and manuals for single steps/constructions

4. Scale it up, Make global impact.
- Let the world know about your aim and success.
- Improve your project, make it grow by itself.
- Share your experience, spread the message